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Hey! [17 Oct 2004|04:52pm]

Name: Cassy ((Cassie))
Age: 15
Sex: Thongs & Lipgloss
Location: DeLand, Florida
Small Bio: I was born in Germany. I live about 20 minutes from Daytona Beach.
I love hot pink and shopping. I love rap, punk, and techno music. Anything else you
wanna know just IM me and I'll be happy to tell you!=)
Pics: I don't have any recent pics, but when I get some, I'll be sure to post them!=)
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Hello!!! [28 Sep 2004|09:25am]

Name: Sarah Ann
Age:One Nine
Sex: Female
Location: Ne Philly, Frankford
Small Bio: I like to spend time with my friends, sharing my thoughts, Writing, and being a great aunt to my little one Tj!
pics:No pic's sorrie
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The Qwiz [11 Sep 2004|10:42pm]

The Nub's Qwiz:

Whats Your Favorite Movie? Girl, Interrupted or Gia.
Favorite Song? "Walk Away" by Christina Aguilera
Favorite Food? Chinese and Pizza! Just like Jena.
Favorite Type of Music? Anything that appeals to me.
Favorite Tv Show? ATHF! Golden Girls, The Ellen Degeneres Show, The L Word
Favorite Store? Don't have one. Fuck shopping.
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Answers to nubs quiz [10 Sep 2004|11:45pm]

Whats Your Favorite Movie? the Notebook
Favorite Song?konstantine by Something Corporate
Favorite Food? Pizza and chineese
Favorite Type of Music? Punk
Favorite Tv Show?aqua teen hunger force
Favorite Store? Hottopic
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Boring .. Come on People lol [08 Sep 2004|10:05pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Okay well nobodys Freakin writing in this thing .. we need some excitement in here lol .. well imma start writing questions lol and people got to answer them so i could kno more about the people that are in here lol okay yeah i kno im stupid !!

Whats Your Favorite Movie?
Favorite Song?
Favorite Food?
Favorite Type of Music?
Favorite Tv Show?
Favorite Store?

lol i kno im a loser but im just trying to get this thing going ..

Comment on this !! thank you!! lol


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This is meeee [06 Sep 2004|10:24pm]

Hey... this is KillMahSelf.

I just wanted to drop in and say that you are all fabulous! That's about it.

I am depressed and want to run with scissors. FUCK!
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Heyy [05 Sep 2004|11:06am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey Peoples .. Whats upp .. just thought i'd comment in here and make a lil conversation going up in here !! lol

Jena them people in those communitys are stupid they all ugly so they need to shut the hell up and go kill themselves hahah!!

love you much Brittany!

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dude... [05 Sep 2004|04:38am]

i got kicked out of a community because i told a girl that she was so ugly to go hang herself and save everyone from her ugly face!
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live stinks... [02 Sep 2004|08:03pm]

My boy friend broke up with me... we should kill him and eat his eye balls!
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My Appiekation [02 Sep 2004|05:37pm]

This is my appiekation.

So, um... yeah...

Mah name is Hubert. Just kidding.

My name is Brandon and I live in the AmA.

I love Jena. She is hott.

I don't know what else to put.

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Another promoting banner [30 Aug 2004|09:28pm]

BannersCollapse )
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Banners [30 Aug 2004|08:47pm]

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LJ-cut..find out how for ur application! [30 Aug 2004|05:49pm]

Click to find out HOW!! Collapse )
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My Application [30 Aug 2004|05:45pm]

[ mood | blah ]

my applicationCollapse )

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Yo yo Im the mod! [30 Aug 2004|01:18am]

Hi i started this community! well i just started it today soo gimme a while to get it going good.. you dont have to give an application or n e thing to beable to be an active member, just tell us stuff about you.. age/sex/location/a small bio/ and a picture .. when you do this and/or post other pictures please use LJ cut ..if you dont know how to do so. just comment to this and ill tell you how..
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